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   Initial Phase
   Growth Phase
Initial Phase
Sets up Education Centres in , Chennai
Education Centre set up in Karnataka
Corporate Training programs introduced
IT Consultancy services started
Head Office integrated at Chennai
Education Centre set up in Hyderabad,Trivandrum
The birth of an SSi IT Education-ian -- a branding for SSi IT Education alumni
Education Centre opens in calcutta
Created the 24 hours lab facility to provide "unlimited" computer time to students
Scholarships launched for meritorious and socially challenged students.
The knowledge division is engaged in the development of quality educational aids such as highly structured course material, slides and transparencies and multimedia-based CBT (Computer Based Training) packages.
The company will launch new short-term programmes from the CFTA (Chennai) Centre, concentrating on upcoming technologies in the area of client-server computing.
The company is involved in providing services on various aspects of software development optimally catering to exacting corporate requirements.
SSi IT Education centres cross 100 mark
SSi IT Education bags order to train students in 58 Tamil Nadu Government schools
Started the revolutionary smartkey for disadvantaged children
Launched SSIP, program with Industry Internship launched
Education centres crosses 150 mark
The company is mainly engaged in the specialized area of RDBMS training, development and consulting in India. The major operations of the company are software development, training and consulting. In software development, SSi IT has made a mark for itself in the local market with such prestigious clients as Citibank
The installed capacity of the company for the year was only about 120 students per month and the capacity utilisation was only to the extent of about 70%.
The Company hiked its installed capacity to 300 students per month and due to overshelming response from the student fraternity the utilisation also went up to 100%.
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