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   Initial Phase
   Growth Phase
Growth Phase
The company will be opening CFTA Centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad shortly, that will offer similar short term programmes
The company's training division, is set to expand operation in India by establishing its own centres in Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad with a view to turn into a major player in the IT training field .
Software Solution is engaged in training software professionals and providing consultancy and knowledge-based services. The company, also has plans to spin off its software development, sales and support divisions into separate entities, Software Solution will retain its identity as a training firm.
During the year, the company proposes to expand its centres throughout the country and set up and overseas network to provide high-end education services. It also proposes to move up the value chain by delivering around 100 computer-based training (CBT) titles by December.
Signed up an agreement with the Indian Bank of India to provide loans to eligible students for pursuing
IT education
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